Lab News!

December 2018
Celine published her review on “Circadian Disruption: What do we actually mean?” in the European Journal of Neuroscience! Check it out!

November 2018
Celine taught at the International School of Chronobiology and Work Hours in Sao Paolo, Brazil! What an amazing group of students! Thanks for having me to the organizers!

October 2018
Check out our new paper on sleep quality, plasma metabolites, and incident myocardial infarction in collaboration with Dr. Huang and colleagues:

October 2018
Larissa did an amazing job defending her Honors Thesis!  Can’t wait to see her graduate and move on to her graduate work!

October 2018
Céline wins a travel award to attend the Sleep Research Network workshop “Future of Sleep Cohorts” on Oct 29/30th at Bethesda, MD! Congratulations!

October 2018
Josef joins the lab as a postdoctoral fellow! Welcome Josef!

September 2018
Akram is starting his Masters in the lab! Welcome Akram!

August 2018
Céline now chairs the Society for Research on Biological Rhythms (SRBR) Outreach Committee! Get ready!

Hiking Chautauqua

July 2018
Lab Outing! Our lab hiked around Chautauqua and enjoyed a BBQ together!

June 2018
Connor received a UROP grant for his work in the lab this summer! Congratulations, Connor!

June 2018
Our recent study  showing that chronotype is associated with depression risk in the Nurses’ Health Study II is featured in the New York Times!

May 2018
Larissa joined the lab as an Honors student! Welcome, Larissa!

May 2018
CU Boulder sleep and rhythm research is highlight in this article by The Big Think: How pulling just one all-nighter wreaks havoc on your blood! Featuring CU’s Kenneth Wright Jr., Chris Depner, and Céline Vetter!

February 2018
Our recent work published in Diabetes Care on Shift Work, Genetic Risk, and Type 2 Diabetes in the UK Biobank is featured in the New York Times!