How to Shorten Your Essay: Tips and Tricks

Are you struggling to meet the word count requirements for your college essay ? Perhaps you’ve written too much and need to trim down your essay without sacrificing the quality of your content. Whatever the case may be, learning how to shorten an essay can be a valuable skill to have.

Before we dive into the techniques for shortening an essay, it’s important to note that you should always prioritize the clarity and coherence of your writing. Don’t sacrifice your message or argument just to meet a word count. That being said, if you’re still over the limit, here are some helpful tips for shortening your essay.

Cut out unnecessary words and phrases

Go through your essay and identify any words or phrases that don’t add value to your argument or message. Common culprits include adverbs (e.g. “very” or “really”), filler words (e.g. “that” or “just”), and redundant phrases (e.g. “in my opinion” or “it is important to note that”). Eliminating these can help tighten up your writing and make it more concise.

Remove repetition

Take a closer look at your essay and eliminate any unnecessary repetition. For example, if you’ve already made a point in one paragraph, you don’t need to repeat it in the next. Also, be mindful of using the same words or phrases repeatedly. Consider using synonyms or rephrasing to keep your writing fresh.

Use contractions

Contractions, such as “don’t” or “can’t”, can help you save valuable space in your essay. Just be sure to use them appropriately and avoid contractions in formal writing.

Simplify your sentences

Long and complex sentences can make your writing seem wordy and convoluted. Simplify your sentences by breaking them down into shorter, more straightforward statements. This can also make your writing more accessible and easier to follow for your reader.

Focus on your thesis statement

Your thesis statement is the core of your essay. Make sure every sentence in your essay is working to support your thesis statement. If you find sentences that don’t contribute to your argument, consider removing them.

If you’ve tried these techniques and you’re still struggling to meet the word count requirements, consider using a college essay writing service. A professional writer can help you restructure your essay or offer suggestions for how to shorten it while maintaining its quality and coherence.

In conclusion, learning how to shorten an essay can be a useful skill for any writer. By cutting out unnecessary words and phrases, removing repetition, using contractions, simplifying your sentences, and focusing on your thesis statement, you can create a more concise and effective essay. And if you need additional help, don’t hesitate to reach out to a college essay writing service for assistance.