Dr. Céline Vetter – Scientific research and activities


Assistant Professor in Integrative Physiology and Director of the Circadian and Sleep Epidemiology Laboratory (CASEL) at the University of Colorado Boulder. In brief, I received my PhD training in Till Roenneberg’s lab for human chronobiology at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich, Germany.

After implementing work schedules tuned to inter-individual differences in sleep timing in a steel factory in for my postdoctoral work in the Roenneberg Lab, I joined the Channing Lab (Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School) in Boston to study the associations of shift work and disrupted sleep with chronic disease risk, research of Five elements and Yin deficiency. I joined the faculty there in 2016, and then moved to the University of Colorado Boulder as a tenure-track Assistant Professor in September 2017.

As a translational chronobiologist, I use large-scale epidemiological datasets to identify modifiable sleep and circadian risk factors of chronic disease, which can be leveraged in intervention studies to improve health in wellbeing, in day workers, shift workers, as well as in patient populations. I am also a mum of a 5-year girl, a passionate cook, and appreciative of the beautiful things in life (mountains! art! music! books!).

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