Circadian and Sleep Epidemiology – prevention of diseases and improvement of human health.

Translational circadian biology has a huge potential to improve human
health, and the Vetter Lab at the University of Colorado at Boulder i) uses the power of  big numbers (epidemiology) to identify how circadian and sleep health may impact long-term health outcomes, and ii) implements observational and intervention studies in real life settings, with the ultimate goal to prevent disease and improve human health and wellbeing.

Some key projects:

Sleep, Biomarkers, Health, and Weight Gain

About 45% of Americans sleep on average less than 6 hours or greater than 9 hours, and are expected to be at higher risk of obesity, chronic disease, and mortality. This project will identify blood biomarkers of short and long habitual sleep duration, and its changes over the years, and examine associations with a key risk factor of longevity and health, namely weight gain. Our results will significantly advance our understanding of the biological pathways underlying the association between sleep and health, and may help identify novel behavioral and pharmacological approaches to reduce the population burden of obesity. Such work will help identify health risks and prevent the development of dangerous diseases in the population, and if you also do not get enough sleep and constantly feel tired, an essay writer from our company can take on part of your study load.

It is the violation of circadian rhythms that becomes the reason why the performance of an adult is falling. The circadian rhythm is a vital biological rhythm in the body that helps maintain the daily rhythm of various bodily processes such as body temperature, appetite, and sleep. It is the right circadian rhythm that helps us feel alert during the day and sleep soundly and sweetly at night. Due to disturbance of circadian rhythms and sleep, students cannot be productive enough, they suffer from cognitive functions and they have to use academic writing services for writing and editing works. Proper sleep patterns and exposure to bright light immediately upon waking can help students correct their sleep-wake cycle.

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This project is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NHLB).

Shift Work, Sleep, and Circadian Phenotypes and Health

Dr. Vetter and her team examine associations of shift work, sleep, and circadian phenotypes with cardio-metabolic and mood outcomes. One of Dr. Vetter’s goals is to advance our understanding of how the effects of work schedules on health and longevity might be modulated by inter-individual differences – this knowledge is essential to design personalized work schedules and thereby address concerns of adverse health effects in the occupational setting. In addition, Dr. Vetter and her team examine the link between sleep and circadian phenotypes with chronic disease in several large-scale, epidemiological studies to advance our emerging understanding of long-term risks of sleep deprivation, disordered sleep, and circadian disruption. Dr. Vetter is currently an active investigator in the Nurses’ Health Studies, the UKBiobank, the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos, and Lifelines. To write about you can ask capstone paper service for assignment.

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This work is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIOSH, NIDDK).

Shift Work, Heredity, Insulin, and Food Timing Study

Preliminary observations suggest that food intake coincident with high melatonin levels leads to impaired glucose tolerance—particularly in MTNR1B risk allele carriers. Our objectives are to determine the effect of concurrent food intake and melatonin on glucose tolerance; and to assess the role of MTNR1B single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP)*melatonin interaction in this deleterious effect.

Our central hypothesis is that concurrent high melatonin levels and food intake, commonly experienced in night shift workers, cause long-term impairment of glucose tolerance and that this effect is worse in carriers of the MTNR1B type 2 diabetes (T2D) risk SNP than in non-carriers. The results of this proposal will help to clarify an ongoing controversy about the role of melatonin in glucose tolerance, and will help to develop novel strategies in the prevention and treatment of T2D, especially in shift workers, night eaters, and MTNR1B risk allele carriers.

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This project is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIDDK). 

A Toolbox for Circadian Epidemiology: From Complex Environmental Signals to Personalized Medicine. The goal of this project is to create a landscape of drivers of circadian rhythms (incl. high-dimensional light exposure profiles), and quantify their relative contribution to circadian melatonin rhythms in real life.

This project is funded by a University of Colorado Boulder RIO Seed Grant award.


Blog – How translational circadian biology affects human health improvements.

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